Dr. Krausman’s Book

101 “Tales” of a House Call Veterinarian

If you have ever wondered how veterinarians interact with your pets, follow the travels of a house call practitioner as she visits them in their own environment. See how she puts them at ease, so that a cat visits the food dish shortly after being examined, and a dog simply wants more attention.

But, along the way, Dr. Krausman finds herself in many funny, precarious, and sad situations. This book captures some of her experiences working with companion animals, from Abysinnian cats to zebra finches.

Finding a good vet is difficult. Finding a great vet who makes house calls is also difficult. But finding a great vet who makes house calls and whom your animal actually trusts … wow, that’s golden! … Dr. Faith happens to be one of the smartest women I’ve met. You will get a feel for who she is when you read her book.” — Whoopi Goldberg

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