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Pet of the Month - my oldest patient!

Oreo just celebrated her 22ndbirthday. But she could not have done it without two very caring owners. They watch her closely and report anything that looks odd. They have been treating her kidney disease for several years. 

At one time she was thought to have a very short time remaining to live. That was over 4 years ago. Since then, with the help of many supportive drugs, including blood pressure medications, phosphate binding medications and potassium supplements, plus subcutaneous fluids every day, she is doing very well. Her aged bones and joints are getting therapeutic laser treatment, which helps her walk and move around. This treatment is very good for arthritis in older pets. Because of her kidney disease, she cannot tolerate most oral pain medications.

One thing Oreo knows well is where the sun is throughout the day. She starts out on her heated pillow upstairs, and looks out the window at the birds who are busy at the bird feeders. Then, as soon as the sun moves, so does she, and next stop is downstairs on the side window.

Oreo follows the sun, in an effort to keep her warm and in continued good health. She is an amazing cat. We hope she continues to thrive and remain comfortable and content for the rest of her days.

Happy Birthday Oreo!



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